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Priscilla Clarke
Clarke & Associates

Priscilla Clarke is President and CEO of  Clarke & Associates, LLC (C&A), a premiere Public Relations, Marketing and Entertainment firm headquartered in Washington, DC with offices in National Harbor, MD. and Los Angeles, CA.   The firm specializes in Entertainment, Corporate, Political, and Non-Profit strategic marketing and communication solutions and event planning services.

Priscilla and I have more of a collaborative business relationship in contrast with a client / business dynamic so one might say I am one of the "Associates" in "Clarke & Associates.

I've worked closely with her to provide web and digital graphic assets for her own business and her clients. I started working with her in 2000 putting together a logo and website for her business.  We still work together periodically to this day.

Website Development

Branding / Logo Design

Graphic Design / Marketing

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